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Uniform Q & A


Is Lands' only uniform option?  No, you can purchase from any uniform store that offers approved styles/colors. 

Are logos required?  No, but if you wish to have the school logo added to uniform pieces that were not purchased at Land's End, you may bring your shirts to Stimmel's. 

Where do I find solid color shoes? Shoes must be solid blue, black or brown. Same colored soles are preferable but a white sole will not be considered a dress code violation. TCCA parents have been successful in finding a nice selection of shoes at Rack Room Shoes and on Amazon. Remember that students are outside daily and will need comfortable shoes that are appropriate for outdoor activities.  If you are unsure about a style of shoe, please send a photo of it to

What kind of socks are approved? Any length is acceptable. Socks should be white, black or blue. 

What dresses are approved and for what grade levels?

The Sleeveless Jumper is for Kindergarten -3rd and the Ponte Dress is for K-7. 

Where can I find a dress similar to the Land's End Sleeveless Jumper?

Children's Place carries an approved Sleeveless Jumper..

Are any shorts acceptable for under the jumper/dress? We recommend scholars wear navy, khaki or black bicycle shorts under jumpers and dresses. 

What are the approved colors for hair bows?

Solid navy, white, or khaki.

What are some other uniform vendors?

TCCA families have found quality uniform pieces at French Toast, All Uniform Wear (Jensen Beach), and Target - (Cat and Jack Uniforms).

What type of outerwear is approved?

Navy blue button-down cardigan sweaters and/or navy blue pullover V-neck sweaters are the only approved pieces that can be worn over polo shirts.  These items can be worn both inside and outside.

Solid navy or black jackets are approved but are only to be worn outside during PE or Recess. These pieces should be removed upon entering a classroom.