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Grade-by-Grade Uniforms

Attire Uniform Piece Applicable Grades Gender Optional/Mandatory Days Worn
Shirts Navy Polo Shirt (Long or Short Sleeve) K–5 Male/Female Mandatory Everyday
Light Blue, Button-Up Oxford Shirt (Long or Short Sleeve) or Light Blue Polo (Long or Short Sleeve) 6-9 Male/Female Mandatory Everyday
Logo T-Shirt K–9 Male/Female Optional. Also referred to as Spirit Shirt. Can be worn on the last Friday of the month. (this can only be purchased from TCCA) Administration will communicate which days this shirt is approved.
Bottoms Khaki Bottoms (Long Pants or Knee-Length Shorts) K–9 Male/Female Mandatory Every day
Khaki Skort K–9 Female Optional Every day
Dresses Sleeveless Navy Ponte Jumper with White “Peter Pan” Shirt K- 3 Female Optional Every day
Navy Ponte Dress K-9 Female Optional Every day
Outerwear Solid Navy or Black Jacket K–9 Male/Female Optional Everyday, outdoors
Navy Pullover V-Neck Sweater (Short or Long Sleeve) K–9 Male/Female Optional Everyday, indoors
Navy Cardigan (Button Front) K–9 Male/Female Optional Every day
Ties Lands’ End Boys’ Plaid Tie 6-9 Male Optional Everyday
Lands’ End Girls’ Cross Tie 6-9 Female Optional Everyday
Shoes (No boots) Solid Black, Solid Brown or Solid Navy (Closed Toe with a Back) (Footwear must be suitable for P.E. classes) K-9 Male / Female Mandatory Everyday