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School Supplies Program

For the past four years, we have offered a school supply program where families could donate $50 per scholar and the school would purchase the supplies in bulk. We have decided to discontinue that program for two reasons. The first reason is that only about half of TCCA families participated, meaning the cost for the other 50% of supplies came out of the school budget. The second reason is the amount of manpower it took to order and sort all the supplies over the summer took staff away from all the other necessary tasks of preparing for the upcoming school year. Therefore, as most schools do, we give the parents the responsibility of school supply shopping.

With the exception of a few items that are identified as for the classroom, your child's supplies will be theirs. You may label accordingly. All literature books are optional. Every teacher will have a set of each book for your scholars to read while at school. You only need to purchase the books if your scholar wants to read at home. 

We understand that paying for school supplies may be difficult for some of our families. If you need the school to provide supplies, please send an email to

You may order your scholar's supplies here!   Or shop at your favorite store with the printable lists below! (This is probably the less expensive way.)