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Spring Sports

Spring out-of-season practice teams are now in session! 

Treasure Coast Classical Academy Athletics has Middle and High School Girls and Boys teams. 

For the purpose of establishing teams and securing enrollment for the following school year (23-24), TCCA offering out-of-season practice teams from February 27th-May 12th (excluding the week of Spring Break, March 13th-17th). Please note that TCCA is trying to enter into conferences for the upcoming school year, this is done prior to the start of the actual season. Therefore, in order for us to have an accurate record of the scholar-athletes who will commit to each team in season, this opportunity is only for scholar-athletes who: 

  1. Will attend TCCA next school year (23-24)

  2. Are committed to joining the team in the upcoming season 

TCCA spring out-of-season club practice teams: 

  • Soccer, Boys, Grades 5-9 (official season: winter)

  • Basketball, Co-Ed, Grades 5-9  (official season: winter)

  • Co-Ed Cross Country, Grades 5-9  (official season: fall)

  • Girls Volleyball, Grades 5-9  (official season: fall)

  • Co-Ed Tennis, Grades 5-9  (official season: spring)  

Registration Fees are our source of revenue for our Athletic program; therefore, Treasure Coast Classical Academy Athletics has a No-Refund policy. Registration fees for the practice teams will cover coaching stipends, facilities, and equipment. The registration fee will change in the upcoming seasons based on admission into FHSAA and acceptance into competitive conferences. 

Registration for Fall sports programs are open following the conclusion of our Spring sports season and again prior to the start of Fall practice. Registration for Winter and Spring sports programs are open one month prior to the start of preseason. 

Questions and comments regarding Treasure Coast Classical Academy athletics should be emailed to our Athletic Director, Danielle Sinatra.

Currently in session:

  • Girls & Boys High School Track and Field

  • Girls & Boys Middle School Track and Field

  • Girls & Boys High School Basketball

  • Girls & Boys Middle School Basketball

  • Girls & Boys High School Soccer

  • Girls & Boys Middle School Soccer

  • Girls High School Volleyball

  • Girls Middle School Volleyball

  • Girls & Boys High School Cross Country

  • Girls & Boys Middle School Cross Country

  • Boys High School Tennis

  • Boys Middle School Tennis

Questions and comments regarding Treasure Coast Classical Academy athletics should be emailed to our Athletic Director, Danielle Sinatra.

TCCA/FHSAA Guidelines:

Scholar-athletes must complete all of the participation paperwork prior to start of the season in order to be eligible for participation. In addition,  FHSAA guidelines require scholar-athletes to be earning a 2.0 or higher overall GPA to be eligible for participation. 

Scholar-Athletes must abide by the TCCA dress code at practices and events.

FHSAA Hydration and Rest Guidelines

  • Rest time should involve both unlimited hydration intake and rest without any activity involved. 

  • For every 30 minutes of practice, there must be at least a minimum five minute rest and hydration break.

  • The area identified for rest should be considered a “cooling zone” and out of direct sunlight. This area can include ice sponges, cold immersion tubs and other cooling alternatives to facilitate the cooling process.

  • Coaches should promote a heat injury prevention philosophy by promoting unrestricted access to water at all times without consequence.

  • A student-athlete should never be denied access to water if he/she requests

  • For sports utilizing helmets (i.e. lacrosse, baseball, softball and others), helmets should be removed during rest time.